The fastest best way to get a price quote is to call: 713-896-1990.

When calling, please have the following information below ready in order that we may quote to you the lowest price possible.  

We need to know the following information to properly quote an inspection rate:
  • location/area of city (not address
  • approximate square footage of home
  • approximate age of structure
  • when your Option Period ends (the number of days you have left to get the inspections done) 
  • Is there a swimming pool or a hot tub on the property?
  • Is there a lawn sprinkler system on the property?
  • Is there an alarm system in the home?
  • Is there a well and septic system on the property?

Once you have the information listed above, you may call us for rate quote at:  713-896-1990

Payments Accepted: Cash, Personal Checks (Texas Checking Accounts Only) and Major Credit and Debit Cards   

Pricing and Availability 
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       Important Tip
​Please inform your agent when scheduling the inspection that all utilities must be on and running in structure to prevent a Return Trip Fee.  The fee for ANY Return Trip is $150.00

Alert Inspections is prohibited and is not authorized to, nor will it take the liability risk of turning on any utility in a structure under any request or circumstance.